Particles - Pellets - Groundbaits - Hemp - Boilies - Pop Up Boilies - Dips & liquids - Soft Baits - Mini Boilies - Hookable Floaters


Bait Creations Particles
Triple mix or 5 x specials all available, flavoured sweetcorn, flavoured hemp, tiger nuts plus many more


Bait Creations Pellets
Halibut and Carp Pellets are available in many different sizes and flavours including drilled varieties.


Bait Creations Groundbaits
Coarse and fine blend mixes for Coarse and Carp fisihing, flavoured and coloured if required. Aroma additives available for additional inclusion.


Bait Creations Hemp
An all time classic bait that we provide net of liquids for additional value. Available in your preferred flavours.


Bait Creations Boilies
All our Boilies are available in many different sizes and lots of enticing flavours.

Pop Up Boilies

Bait Creations Pop Up Boilies
The classic Pop Up Boilie available in stimulating different flavours.

Dips and Liquids

Bait Creations Boilies
Exceptional Boilie dips and flavourings in many different designs and flavours.

Paste Pellets

Bait Creations Paste Pellets
A quick easy hook bait available in many different flavours.

Hookable Floaters

Bait Creations Hookable Floaters
Derived from Sweetcorn this amazing bait has phenomenal floating capabilities and is available in different flavours.

Mini Boilies

Big Catch Particles & Seeds
Our Boilies are available in lots of enticing flavours.